The Comfortable Flat Shoes

For some people, having new clothes and shoes while celebrating Eid is a culture to the next. Start new clothes bought by their parents, to be able to buy their own and got in line to buy the kids or nephews.

One of the items sought are shoes or sandals, especially for women. Activities on the day of Eid definitely need mobility. In one day have visited several places of interest, so comfortable footwear is required as well. Since most new shoes or sandals worn when Eid comes first. So the foot is still adjusting to the new shoes but you have to move higher.

Flat shoes are one of the answers that reduces leg fatigue at day full of friendship. Here the flat footwear without rights.

The Mary Jane
This type of shoe can be flat or entitled. But certainly, these shoes have a strap in the ankle, and a rounded toe or a little box. These types of shoes look very casual.
Use it with leggings, skinny jeans, mini skirts, will make the appearance look beautiful. However, do not use it with a harem, cargo pants, and a straight-cut trousers and wide.

Ballet Flat Shoes
If you belong to a private casual, simple, and prefer the comfort when wearing shoes, flat ballet shoes fit could be an option for you. These shoes are suitable for use with any type of clothes. Jeans, capri pants, and other casual clothing is suitable mix and match with these shoes.
This shoe is more widely used among girls, but women executives as you can keep her stylish. Choose ballet flats adorned with gorgeous jewels or ribbons.

Reading the word sandal sure that our minds are no flip-flops or sandals. Very casual but comfortable to use while on vacation or a relaxing stroll in the neighborhood.
Flip flops are very popular among the people. Because of the popularity, these sandals made many beautiful designs, so that was only to be used at the beach, now you can wear it for day-to-day activities, not even a little Hollywood actress who makes the sandals as their favorite footwear.

Type sandals are not only flip-flops, gladiator who was ‘in’ in 2009 also include slippers are very comfortable to use and suitable for a walk. Slippers can be used with skinny jeans, skirts, casual and funky mini dress.