Annoying Bangs Eye Health

We all know that a couple of ways to look beautiful can be harmful to health. Starting from wearing high heels, do manicures to put breast implants.

However, during this time we never knew that hair styling can also give a bad effect on health, especially the health of the eye. As set bangs to the side, the eyes can cause blindness.

The famous celebrity set her bangs to the side is Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. Oftentimes, we see the woman next door bangs shut their eyes.

According to Andrew Hogan ophthalmologists, optometrists association members Australia, side bangs almost covering the eye or to obscure the view, leading to amblyopia. The disorder commonly called lazy eye or lazy eyes.

“If young people are to have bangs covering one eye in a long time, they will not see details clearly. And if it happens from a young age, the eye becomes amblyopia, “said Hogan, as reported by Huffingtonpost. Continue reading “Annoying Bangs Eye Health”

Head Bald Men Make More Powerful Looks

Three studies in Pennsylvania showed that the bald head is associated with dominance by many people. In other words, men who have a bald head look more powerful.

These results were obtained from three studies conducted by Dr. Albert Mannes, a professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His research is designed to test people’s perception of the bald-headed man or clean shaven.

The first study involved 59 students who asked to see 25 pictures of people that are ten of them have bald heads. Meanwhile, a second study observed 344 adults who were shown four images of men with different hair styles.

In the third experiment, no picture shown. The study looked at 500 adult perceptions based on physical descriptions written about some people. All descriptions are described as having different hair.

All three of these studies find similar results, ie bald men look more powerful and dominating than other men. The man with the bald head seen more powerful, influential, and authoritative. In addition, men with balding or thinning hair clod also seen a more confident and masculine. Continue reading “Head Bald Men Make More Powerful Looks”

Make Sharp Nose Without Surgery

Plastic surgery is very popular in the world today. Two of the most popular surgery is breast augmentation surgery and nose reconstruction surgery. It is based on research conducted in the United States .. Talking about nasal reconstruction, but many women are not satisfied with the shape of her nose.

Not only in the United States, it occurs also in Japan. Many Japanese women who want to have a long nose. Costly operation prompted some cosmetic companies make sharpener instant and inexpensive tool.

The latest tools that are popular in Japan named nose straightener alias straightener nose. The shape varies. There were like a butterfly and clamp clothesline. In essence, it works by clipping and improve the shape of the nostrils become more sharp and symmetrical.

The most popular brand today is Hana Tsun Nose Straightener. This tool can draw shapes nostril for two silicon, such as toothpicks, get into it. Then the left and right nose clamped with other silicon. It costs about $ 50. Continue reading “Make Sharp Nose Without Surgery”

Recipe Secrets to Keep Skin whiteness

A variety of skin whitening products are available in the market. However you can also try natural homemade recipes you know. Besides the cheap, this recipe is obviously much safer because without preservatives. Let’s see how to make these recipes as reported by Quick Easy Fit this.

Lemon juice, cucumber, and turmeric

Combine all three ingredients to rub into the skin. Allow a half hour, then rinse with warm water. For maximum results, use natural mask once a week.

Important tips: Do not apply the mask on broken skin. Because lemons are acidic and may irritate worse.

Sandalwood powder, lemon juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice

Just like the first recipe, mix all the ingredients and apply to the skin. Let stand for 15 minutes until the mask dries. After that, rinse with warm water. Continue reading “Recipe Secrets to Keep Skin whiteness”

The Mandatory Held jewelery Women

Besides alloy fashion, hair and make-up to enhance the appearance, accessories also an important thing can not be separated from each woman. Accessories jewelry is often used, because it can make a more beautiful and luxurious.

Times are constantly changing not make jewelry must continue to follow the fashion trends every year. You also do not need to wear jewelry that arose following the latest trends, due to the classic design can still be fixed in accordance with the performance.

Although not a few women who do not like wearing jewelry, it is actually a mandatory accessories they have. In fact, according to Kendra Scott, founder and CEO of Kendra Scott Jewelry, no jewelry should be owned by every woman. What are some of the jewelry, see the following description is quoted from GalTime.

Dangly earrings
Continue reading “The Mandatory Held jewelery Women”

Stretch Mark? Banish The Way It

Stretch Mark is a line that resembles the skin wrinkles with abstract colors, most commonly due to the stretching of skin that usually occurs due to rapid changes in body weight. The most common places are the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, forearms, backs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Stretch marks occur because many pregnancies and weight gain. In some cases also due to hormonal and genetic problems

Some alternative treatments with natural ingredients:

1.Almond oil, half a teaspoon lavender and chamomile oil blended and apply.

2. Olive oil. apply to abdomen and hip.
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Make Up What to Avoid

Make up is used to make the face look more fresh, bright and beautiful. But sometimes even the appearance of being an aged look. It’s not impossible. Avoid things below to make up your beautify the face as stated Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson:

1. Lipstick is too dark
Be careful also in choosing a lipstick color. Avoid wearing very dark lipstick. Old impression of the face will stand out because of the dark color. If you really want to wear dark colors, combine with lip gloss. After applying lipstick dark, glossy cover with golden

2. Foundation thick

Note the amount of foundation that you put on the skin. Be sure not excessive and can make skin tones look flat. Foundation is too thick and not only make the face look like a mask but also makes an impression more old . If you will smile very clear lines in the mouth and looks like a pile of wrinkles. Apply only little by little, and adjust the formula to the type and color of skin.
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Beautiful Nails With Neutral Paint Colors

Nail color trends this season is also likely to lead to soft colors and neutral. Gray, soft pink, and white milk is a popular choice. Nan neutral colors simple, and can make your finger nails look different than usual. These neutral nail polish colors to choose from, as reported from All Women’s Talk.

1. Gray
Color gray nail polish may sound appealing to most women. But, now the color gray nail polish into a neutral color that was popular.

In order to keep your look stunning with gray nail polish, choose a light color that is not dark gray. Nail polish color gray is the best way to compensate for wear pastel colors.

2. Pink soft
Soft pink and brown colors are lasting nail color choices. The color may look a little blurry, but it will look very pretty and brighten the appearance.
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Clothing and Accessories The Taxpayer Owned

Because appearance is everything to women, then the discussion about how to look perfect will not ever run out for distribution so that the women would be ‘fashion victim’.

In addition to the selection of the right clothes to make up the order and form of the body, there is also an important fashion that actually must be owned by every woman. Some of the clothing is also never cracked and eaten by time, even though every year the fashion is always evolving. What are the important clothing for women? Quoted from Yahoo! She, check out the following explanation.

Pants has always been a trend every year, you can combine jeans with shirts or blouses for work, add a blazer for a formal atmosphere, mix with a camisole and high heels to look sexy, or a T-shirt or tank top and sneakers for a casual look. For the perfect blend, choose plain jeans no additional beading or embroidery, and make sure the fall right in your body.

White shirt Continue reading “Clothing and Accessories The Taxpayer Owned”

Choosing a Safe Cosmetics While Pregnant

Women destined to fun dressing up because it is one way to still look beautiful and attractive. However, given that most cosmetic products on the market are made of chemicals, for women who are pregnant should be careful.

The chemicals contained in cosmetics could be triggering the problem for the growth of the fetus in the womb. Therefore it is necessary tips to get dressed up but still safe for pregnancy as quoted from

Consultation with a gynecologist and dermatologist cosmetic related products for this you use. Ask again whether cosmetic products are safe to use while pregnant or otherwise. If not, you should immediately replace cosmetic products as recommended by your doctor.
Choose water-based cosmetic products, natural and labeled green (environmentally friendly). These products are generally safe for pregnant women. Continue reading “Choosing a Safe Cosmetics While Pregnant”