Destroyer Bad Habits Healthy Skin

Women often do the bad habits that damage the skin. Unfortunately, they still do it, though it knew the dangers. Habit of sharing the risk of transmitting cosmetic disease. These are bad habits that damage skin health, as reported by Boldsky.

Sharing lip balm or lip stick

The habit of sharing lip balm or lip stick transmit the disease to susceptible mouth. So, avoid this bad habit!

lent comb

Lent habit comb put you at risk of infection and scalp dandruff. Fear not offended friend lent a comb? So, you should always carry two comb in the bag.

Share eyeliner

Habit of sharing the risk of transmitting infections eyeliner eye. It can spread disease from one person to another.

touching the face

Hands and nails carry a lot of bacteria, which can cause acne. Avoid the habit of wiping his face with his hands.

squeeze pimples

Squeeze acne can leave scars that difficult to remove. To that end, stop holding or picking at the body.

Forgot to remove makeup

Make up is too long attached to the face can clog skin pores. That caused acne prone skin. So, do not forget to clean the skin before bed.

Bad habits over the cause of many skin problems. Thus, you should avoid frequent swapping makeup tools or cosmetics with others.