Become a la Vampire Teeth Beauty Trend

While in many parts of the world on the teeth is flat and white add charm women, in Japan the rule does not apply. The young women of Japan actually competing to perform oral care to accentuate their two canines.

The latest cosmetic trend called ‘yaeba’ meaning ‘double tooth’. The idea is to make artificial teeth by changing the location of the canine teeth to be more prominent. Two prominent canine tooth is synonymous with childhood.

Interestingly, some Japanese men think of uneven teeth as being alluring and attractive. For others, teeth ‘fanged’ makes her seem approachable.

Trends yaeba treatment soon became one of the most sought after and most often committed by the Japanese girl. At Dental Salon Plaisir, dentists will not change on the teeth, but fangs pair false teeth patients.

However not everyone agrees with the latest trends this Japanese cosmetics. Michelle Phan, the author of a blog about beauty and fashion to say that women do not need to buy the ‘evils’ of their own.

“Some of the disadvantages that a person is able to add characteristics to them and make them more attractive. Yet not do destruction on yourself just to look more attractive it seems too extreme?” he said, as reported by the NY Daily News (07/08).

The same is expressed by Dr Emilie Zaslow, an assistant professor of communications at Pace University. According to this trend showed yaeba sexual attraction of young children.

“Dental yaeba is part of the early development of the teeth and mouth,” said Zaslow. “Yaeba naturally emerge as a late baby teeth grow or your child’s mouth is still too small.”