Colored Nails Beautiful and Healthy

Everything that happens to growth must always be treated in order to maintain stability. One small thing that affects performance is the nail. Maintain beautiful nails is not an easy thing. By Phoebe Rich, MD, professor of dermatology at Oregon Health & Science University, over the ages, nail growth slows down even more. Nails that are too old will usually drier and prone to brittleness.

You now do not bother to try out all existing nail care or spend extra money just to strengthen nails. As it turns out every upholstery nails, even the clear ones, are able to strengthen your nails. As quoted from the Prevention of Indonesia, you can get the best manicure simply by using the following 4 products.

Polish remover
Get used to initiate activities manicure by using nail polish remover to clean or polish eraser. To be able to stick to a perfect polish, you need an oil-free nail surface. However, not too often, just once a week. Because usually polish remover containing acetone will lift the adhesive cells of the nail and removes natural oils available.

Instead, you can use a free product that contains solvents acetone or lighter. With notes, non-acetone removal products are not so effective to remove nail polish, so you need more effort to rub. Continue reading “Colored Nails Beautiful and Healthy”

The Comfortable Flat Shoes

For some people, having new clothes and shoes while celebrating Eid is a culture to the next. Start new clothes bought by their parents, to be able to buy their own and got in line to buy the kids or nephews.

One of the items sought are shoes or sandals, especially for women. Activities on the day of Eid definitely need mobility. In one day have visited several places of interest, so comfortable footwear is required as well. Since most new shoes or sandals worn when Eid comes first. So the foot is still adjusting to the new shoes but you have to move higher.

Flat shoes are one of the answers that reduces leg fatigue at day full of friendship. Here the flat footwear without rights.

The Mary Jane
This type of shoe can be flat or entitled. But certainly, these shoes have a strap in the ankle, and a rounded toe or a little box. These types of shoes look very casual.
Use it with leggings, skinny jeans, mini skirts, will make the appearance look beautiful. However, do not use it with a harem, cargo pants, and a straight-cut trousers and wide. Continue reading “The Comfortable Flat Shoes”