Stomach Average Business Need

Women would always pay attention to her appearance. One of the things that often make women feel less confident are imperfections on the body. The word ‘obesity’ was once a kind of intimidating for them.

While many ways have been done to reduce the production of excess fat that often appears when wearing clothing that fits in the body, but still did not move at all fat. Even many of those who feel hopeless and depressed with a futile effort.

If you also feel the same way, you should try to check whether your diet so far is correct. Here is an easy way to help your stomach to shrink and expel excess fat there.

A small bowl
Eat a small bowl to use will allow you to measure the intake of food that works well for the ability of the stomach. Conversely, if you eat using a bowl or large container, then the desire to eat more would be getting out of control and cause actual excess fat stored in the abdomen.

Sit properly
Sitting position that bends will make your stomach look folded, you should sit in an upright position. Besides being able to hide the belly doubled, sitting in an upright position and it can also keep your stomach muscles tight. Continue reading “Stomach Average Business Need”

Determine Face Shape Shape bun

In a great show titled national or other official, the women are usually synonymous with the use of a bun in their hair look, especially at a party attended by important people. Bun hairstyle is certainly capable of giving a distinct impression and make your appearance can seem more different.

According Andiyanto, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist expert, everyone has different facial structures and not all bun suitable applied on each face. For maximum results, the lack of the face can be camouflaged by applying proper bun. To get a bun that suits your facial structure, check out the following tips from Andiyanto.

Face width

Women who have a wide face structure should be put on the bottom bun. Do not pull the hair up, because it will make the face look wider. In order to get an impression of more gaunt, half ear cover with her hair and give volume at the center of the head to give the illusion of a long chin.
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Destroyer Bad Habits Healthy Skin

Women often do the bad habits that damage the skin. Unfortunately, they still do it, though it knew the dangers. Habit of sharing the risk of transmitting cosmetic disease. These are bad habits that damage skin health, as reported by Boldsky.

Sharing lip balm or lip stick

The habit of sharing lip balm or lip stick transmit the disease to susceptible mouth. So, avoid this bad habit!

lent comb

Lent habit comb put you at risk of infection and scalp dandruff. Fear not offended friend lent a comb? So, you should always carry two comb in the bag.

Share eyeliner
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Gloves Not Always Boxes

One of the most sought after clothing products is approaching Eid gloves. From time to time, gloves are always sought. Here is a history that is known and worn gloves in the present:

Sarong is a wide piece of fabric are sewn on both ends so it is shaped like a pipe / tube. This is the basic meaning of the holster in force in Indonesia or places region. In terms of international fashion, gloves (sarong) means a piece of fabric wide use the waist to cover the lower body (waist down).

Cloth gloves are made from a variety of materials: cotton, polyester, or silk. The use of gloves is very broad, to relax at home until the official use of such worship or marriage ceremonies. In general, the use of cloth gloves at official events related to complement the clothes given area.

According to historical records, the gloves came from Yemen. In the country called futah gloves. Gloves are also known as izaar, wazaar or ma’awis. People in the country of Oman with the name calling glove wizaar. People know him by the name of Saudi Arabia izaar. Use of gloves has been widespread, not only in the Arabian Peninsula, but also reached South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, to the Americas and Europe. Gloves first entry into Indonesia in the 14th century, brought by Arab and Gujarat traders. In subsequent developments, sarong in Indonesia synonymous with Islamic culture.
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Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny

Variety of activities undertaken someone every day of course has its own consequences in some cases. When you go outdoors during the day with the sting of the sun, on the face makeup can be messy.

Appearance is one thing to be taken by a person, especially for women. So you can still look beautiful when I have to move in the summer, there are some tips that can be done. Here are tips for makeup on your face can remain beautiful even outdoor activities.

Mandatory use sunscreen
When you move in a location exposed to the sun, protecting the skin is very important. Because the sun can make your skin causing wrinkles and dark spots. Then, select the appropriate sunscreen. The longer your activity outdoors, choose a sunscreen with SPF are great.

Foundation the right
Do not use a thick foundation. Use only a light so it can emit natural beauty of your skin. Because of the heavy use of foundation in fact be damaged when exposed to sweat, your face can also look different because of it. More precisely choose a lightweight foundation made from minerals. Continue reading “Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny”

Become a la Vampire Teeth Beauty Trend

While in many parts of the world on the teeth is flat and white add charm women, in Japan the rule does not apply. The young women of Japan actually competing to perform oral care to accentuate their two canines.

The latest cosmetic trend called ‘yaeba’ meaning ‘double tooth’. The idea is to make artificial teeth by changing the location of the canine teeth to be more prominent. Two prominent canine tooth is synonymous with childhood.

Interestingly, some Japanese men think of uneven teeth as being alluring and attractive. For others, teeth ‘fanged’ makes her seem approachable.

Trends yaeba treatment soon became one of the most sought after and most often committed by the Japanese girl. At Dental Salon Plaisir, dentists will not change on the teeth, but fangs pair false teeth patients. Continue reading “Become a la Vampire Teeth Beauty Trend”

Annoying Bangs Eye Health

We all know that a couple of ways to look beautiful can be harmful to health. Starting from wearing high heels, do manicures to put breast implants.

However, during this time we never knew that hair styling can also give a bad effect on health, especially the health of the eye. As set bangs to the side, the eyes can cause blindness.

The famous celebrity set her bangs to the side is Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. Oftentimes, we see the woman next door bangs shut their eyes.

According to Andrew Hogan ophthalmologists, optometrists association members Australia, side bangs almost covering the eye or to obscure the view, leading to amblyopia. The disorder commonly called lazy eye or lazy eyes.

“If young people are to have bangs covering one eye in a long time, they will not see details clearly. And if it happens from a young age, the eye becomes amblyopia, “said Hogan, as reported by Huffingtonpost. Continue reading “Annoying Bangs Eye Health”

Head Bald Men Make More Powerful Looks

Three studies in Pennsylvania showed that the bald head is associated with dominance by many people. In other words, men who have a bald head look more powerful.

These results were obtained from three studies conducted by Dr. Albert Mannes, a professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His research is designed to test people’s perception of the bald-headed man or clean shaven.

The first study involved 59 students who asked to see 25 pictures of people that are ten of them have bald heads. Meanwhile, a second study observed 344 adults who were shown four images of men with different hair styles.

In the third experiment, no picture shown. The study looked at 500 adult perceptions based on physical descriptions written about some people. All descriptions are described as having different hair.

All three of these studies find similar results, ie bald men look more powerful and dominating than other men. The man with the bald head seen more powerful, influential, and authoritative. In addition, men with balding or thinning hair clod also seen a more confident and masculine. Continue reading “Head Bald Men Make More Powerful Looks”

Make Sharp Nose Without Surgery

Plastic surgery is very popular in the world today. Two of the most popular surgery is breast augmentation surgery and nose reconstruction surgery. It is based on research conducted in the United States .. Talking about nasal reconstruction, but many women are not satisfied with the shape of her nose.

Not only in the United States, it occurs also in Japan. Many Japanese women who want to have a long nose. Costly operation prompted some cosmetic companies make sharpener instant and inexpensive tool.

The latest tools that are popular in Japan named nose straightener alias straightener nose. The shape varies. There were like a butterfly and clamp clothesline. In essence, it works by clipping and improve the shape of the nostrils become more sharp and symmetrical.

The most popular brand today is Hana Tsun Nose Straightener. This tool can draw shapes nostril for two silicon, such as toothpicks, get into it. Then the left and right nose clamped with other silicon. It costs about $ 50. Continue reading “Make Sharp Nose Without Surgery”